Recommended Reading

The Complete Rabbit & Hare Hawk
by Martin Hollinshead.
Published by The Fernhill Press

Understanding the Bird of Prey
by Dr. Nick Fox.
Published by Hancock House

Falconry and Hawking
by Philip Glasier.
Published by Batsford

Training Birds of Prey
by Jemima Parry-Jones.
Published by David & Charles

Falconry – Art and Practice
by Emma Ford.
Published by Blandford.
– Out of print

Desert Hawking
by Harry McElroy.
– Out of print

Emergencies and First Aid
by Neil Forbes.

Hood, Leash & Lure
by Roger Upton.

Falconry Basics
by Tony Hall.

Falconry in Literature
by David Horobin.
Signed limited edition.

Hawking & Falconry for Beginners
by Adrian Hallgarth

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